Terms and conditions

Brickonomics combines data from multiple platforms such as Rebrickable, Bricklink and BrickOwl. Brickonomics does not own this data nor does it have control over the contents. Errors or omissions in these data sources could lead to incorrect data being shown on Brickonomics. In addition, data obtained from external resources may be out of date. For example, an item may be sold out between the moment Brickonomics requests the data from BrickOwl and the user trying to add that item to their shopping cart. Brickonomics cannot be held responsible for any loss, financial or otherwise, which results from erroneous or out of date information from external sources.

You are not allowed to use web scrapers to download data from this website or to automate traffic without prior permission, Your IP address may be banned if you ignore this prohibition. If you would like certain data to be made available via an API you can make a feature request using the contact form.