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Save money on LEGO MOCs

Brickonomics provides state-of-the-art algorithms to help you find the cheapest way to buy LEGO parts to build MOCs.


Buy parts

Use our part buying tool to find the cheapest combination of stores to get all the parts of a MOC or custom wishlist. Save up to 40% compared to the store selection tool of BrickLink!

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Part out sets

What LEGO sets have the best ratio between the value of the set and the combined value of all the parts? Use the part out tool to find out quickly.

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Match sets and wishlists

Ever wondered if it would be cheaper to get (some of) the parts in a MOC by buying an existing LEGO set? Wonder no more and find out!

About us

Brickonomics is a young platform with the aim of providing the best tools for both MOC builders and stores selling parts. At the moment we consider the platform to be in beta, meaning we cannot guarantee that there won't be bugs. There are also LOTS of features we would like to add. Did you find a bug or do you have an idea for a feature? Help us improve the platform by telling us!