What does Brickonomics do?

Brickonomics combines data from multiple platforms and uses clever algorithms to save you, the user, money. Whether you are looking to buy parts for a MOC or you are part seller looking for the best deals, we got you covered.


Mark Bouwman

Brickonomics was founded in 2023 by me, Mark Bouwman, the sole programmer behind this website. It all started a year earlier in 2022. As a computer science PhD student I was short on cash but not short of knowledge of optimisation algorithms. I wanted to get into the MOC building hobby but was frustrated by the limited part buying optimisation options. As a hobby project I started working on my own algorithm. My initial attempts were way too slow to be of any practical use, but after half a year of programming in my spare time I finally got a first fully functional prototype. To my own amazement the tool was able to save me hundreds of euros on larger MOCs. Immediately I knew I needed to make this tool publicly available and started working on a proper web interface. Happy MOC building!